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interno del mulino viglino

With the purchase of the first truck, production was increased, making the products known also in  Turin and belt, in Val  of Susa, in the Canavese and Asti areas.

In 2002 Alessandro joined the family business.

We are now in the 4th generation of millers and the mill changes face and above all objectives once again.

Not only do we serve more bakeries, pastry shops and pasta factories but also shops and agricultural companies, alongside the production for professionals, a 1kg and 5kg line for lovers of good flours, thus expanding the clientele up to arrive in Liguria and Lombardy as well as all of Piedmont.


  Viglino mill

Purchased  from the Viglino Gemello Giovanni Battista family and from his wife Pigella Antonia, in a few years it becomes a point of reference for the families of many farmers in the area and beyond.

With the entry into the company of his son Carlo, the millstones go from 2 to 4 and together with his wife Gamba Natalina he will carry on the business with great commitment until the end of the 70s when his son Gianvittorio and his wife Masin Nerella take over who will support to stone processing the first cylinder machines.


sacchi mulino viglino
alessandro viglino
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